Aurifil Mako

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STOP PRESS - The following additional colours and sizes are now available from stock: 80 weight: 1103/1147/2410 50 weight Large reel: 1147 Aurifil Mako cotton thread is available in a fantastic range of 270 different colours and 5 thread weights. All of which can be seen in the following Mako thread pages. Aurifil Mako is made of 100% Mercerised Long Staple Egyptian Cotton grown on the River Nile, spun and dyed in their factory in Milan. It is available in five weights, as detailed below. Mako cotton is a very versatile thread which can be utilised in a wide and varied range of applications, including quilting, patchwork, machine embroidery, lacemaking and many more. Just arrived is the new 80 weight thread, available in 88 different colours on 280 mtr reels, with Bright and Natural White available from stock. Mako 50: The thinnest & finest weight thread; it is smooth and strong; ideal for our finer Lace designs, as well as for Piecing and Quilting. Supplied on an Orange spool holder. It is similar in weight to Tanne 50 thread. Mako 40: A relatively fine thread; considered to be the "universal thread weight"; excellent for many of our Lace designs, Patchwork, Piecing and Quilting. Supplied on a Green spool holder. It is similar in weight to Sylko thread. Mako 28: A relatively thick thread; Suitable for many of our Lace designs as well as Decorative Quilting, Machine work, Blanket stitch applique and absolutely perfect for Hand Quilting. Supplied on a Grey spool holder. It is similar in weight to Tanne 30 thread. Mako 12: The thickest and heaviest of the Mako threads, ideal as a Gimp thread in Lace designs as well as being perfect for Sashiko and Redwork Stitchery. Supplied on a Red spool holder. It is similar in weight to DMC Perle 8 thread. How do Aurifil products meet consumer expectations? The origin of the raw materials: It is very important to pick the best cotton seeds: usually the Long Staple Cotton (depending on the seeds, the cotton will differ in quality) along with the production area. The Cotton is best grown in an environment of relatively high humidity and heat; this influences the development of the harvest. The limited production of Extra Long Staple cottons, particularly the ones suitable for cotton Mako enhances its exclusivity. The Twist: Twist is the force that consolidates the fibres and plies of thread. If the twist is too low the yarns may fray and break if is too high, the resulting liveliness in the thread may cause snarling, looping, knots or spillage. After much research and experimentation, Aurifil has found the best processing to avoid these kinds of mishaps, to the great satisfaction of quilters. The Weight: The yarn count expresses the thickness of the yarn. The yarn count number indicates the length of yarn in relation to the weight. Aurifil Cotton is available in four different weights in order to cover all needs. Dye: Before dying any cotton, we need to proceed to its mercerization. What is mercerization? It is a treatment for thread mostly used to give cotton a lustrous appearance. This treatment, after removing all impurities and fuzz, increases luster, strength, affinity to dye, gives resistance to mildew and also reduces lint. Cotton with long staple fibre lengths respond best to mercerization. To provide the impressive range of colours, Aurifil uses two dye processes: Indanthren and Reactive colours. There is little difference between them, except the maximum washing temperature. Indanthren colours can be washed at 70C, whilst Reactive colours are restricted to 60C. (for full information regarding this please visit where additional data may be found). Reactive colours are identified by an * against the individual colour selection. Available in four different weights with over 70 colours generally held in stock (see the individual colour entry for the specific options available). There are other reel sizes and more than 200 more colours that, although we do not keep in stock, can be ordered for you, please don't hesitate to contact us to find out more. Specific colours of the Aurifil Mako thread can be found in one of two ways. Choosing a colour: By selecting a colour range to choose from and then choosing a specific colour from the variety shown. Looking up a known colour code: The following table identifies which colour range group each individual Mako Cotton colour can be found in. To use this facility, look up the colour code (these are listed in ascending order) you are interested in and then read off the range number shown. You can then select that range in the shop selection, where the colour will be found, along with the colours from that palette range.


  1. Range 1 (White - Yellow)
  2. Range 2 (Orange - Red)
  3. Range 3 (Pink - Mauve)
  4. Range 4 (Lilac -Purple)
  5. Range 5 (Cream - Brown)
  6. Range 6 (Fawn -Olive)
  7. Range 7 (Taupe - Khaki)
  8. Range 8 (Green 1)
  9. Range 9 (Green 2)
  10. Range 10 (Turquoise - Blue)
  11. Range 11 (Blue)
  12. Range 12 (Blue - Black)
  13. Range 13 (Variegated 1)
  14. Range 14 (Variegated 2)
  15. Range 15 (New Additions)

Aurifil Mako by colour code / range number