Lacewing are pleased to announce that the new 80 weight Aurifil Mako thread IS NOW AVAILABLE
Be the first of your friends to order the thread, in Natural or Bright White at just £6 per reel with additional colours becoming available very shortly.

Jewellery, Bracelets

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A range of simple, but very effective, Bracelet lace designs, both free form and mounted on Bangle Frames. All the designs come complete with pre-printed prickings and supporting additional instructions, including appropriate thread recommendations, although the lacemaker should not feel limited to these, where required. We also stock suitable Threads and Findings and Frames for all these designs, which can be found under the Threads and Wire and Findings and Beads Tabs.


  1. 05-0621 - Jewellery, Bracelet, Dragon's Eye
  2. 15-0184 - Jewellery, Bracelets et Colliers
    Russian Braid
  3. 15-0990 - Jewellery, Bracelet Collection No 1
  4. 15-0991 - Jewellery, Bracelet Collection No 2