Lacewing are pleased to announce that the new 80 weight Aurifil Mako thread IS NOW AVAILABLE
Be the first of your friends to order the thread, in Natural or Bright White at just £6 per reel with additional colours becoming available very shortly.


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Within the following pages you will find a wide range of original design patterns covering a multitude of subjects. All our patterns are supplied with printed prickings and guide notes and, where applicable, diagrams. All the designs provide indications of the number of bobbins required (please note that the continental patterns, from Florence Quinette, refer to the total of individual bobbins, whilst Jan's patterns refer, in the traditional manner, to pairs of bobbins. Where ever we can we have provided suggestions for which threads may be best suited to the design in question, however, you should not feel bound by these recommendations. Finally, any designs that may require any additional materials, such as mountings or finishings, have had suggested sources identified for your convenience. Recent additions to our range are marked (NEW!), so please look out for these.


  2. Corners & Edgings
  3. Decorative, General
  4. Decorative, Fans
  5. Festive Lace
  6. Jewellery, Bracelets
  7. Jewellery, Earrings
  8. Jewellery, Necklaces
  9. Jewellery, Various
  10. Wedding Lace
  11. Mixed Design Collections